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Burglar alarm installations in Leicestershire

Need the local professionals to install a burglar alarm in your home? Call JAW Maintenance. We serve Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

Burglar alarms

JAW Maintenance provides you with a variety of security features including burglar alarms for your home or business. Many people think the sound of a burglar alarm going off in error is so common that it’s not worth having one, as neighbours and passers-by will simply ignore it. However, they should think again. A decent alarm still has the power to deter intruders, either putting them off entering a property in the first place or causing them to flee if it’s triggered when they’re inside. As the Metropolitan Police in London point out, “It is far less likely that you will become the victim of a burglary at home if you have a correctly fitted and well-maintained burglar alarm”.
An alarm could save you money

The main reason for having an alarm fitted is clearly to prevent your home from being broken into, with the trauma it can cause; but there’s also a possible effect of reducing your home insurance premiums. Insurers routinely offer homeowners with burglar alarms discounts on home cover premiums of up to 15%. Just make sure you turn it on when you leave your house, otherwise an insurer might adjust a claim accordingly, or even reject it.

Which alarm system to buy? 

There are a variety of systems available with the level of sophistication largely depending on price and the support services that can come with them. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a wireless or a wired system.

Wireless alarms 

These tend to look nicer, and are easier and cheaper to install. They are also more readily transferred if you move home.
*5 year warranty
Starting price: £459.99 

Wired alarms 

These are often cheaper to buy, but more expensive to install as the wires need to be hidden and laid to run through a property to what is usually a larger control box than wireless alarms have.
*1 year warranty
Starting price: £699.99 

Dummy boxes 

A dummy alarm is the good old box which isn’t actually an alarm, it just looks like one. They wouldn’t fool professional burglars, but as many break-ins are opportunistic and carried out by amateurs, they might have some impact.
However, fake alarm boxes aren’t recommended as a true security measure. They also won’t be taken into account when an insurer is working out your cover premiums.
Starting price: £69.99

Burglar alarms from JAW Maintenance

Burglar alarms are a tried and true form of home and office security. We offer a number of burglar alarm options including your choice of wired or wireless systems. We will install your burglar alarm and service it, if and when necessary. If you are looking for more, we also offer fire alarms and our electricians provide excellent electrical services. We serve domestic and commercial customers in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and throughout the Midlands.
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Looking for burglar alarms? Call JAW Maintenance in Leicestershire and Warwickshire on 01455 554 638 or on 07968 903 830
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